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How to Install Visual Basic 6.0 on Windows 7/8/8.1/10

This is a guide on how to install VB6 for modern versions of Windows.
Download links:
-Visual Basic 6.0

Visual Basic 6 SP6 Working in Windows 10 64-bit

A quick guide on how to install Visual Basic 6.0 with Service Pack 6 on Windows 10 64-bit. It took us weeks to get it working properly, so hopefully this will save people some time. Until MS inevitably breaks this procedure with an update, anyway.

VB6 Install Wizard -
Service Pack 6 -

The command you need to type to register DAO350.DLL is :

regsvr32 "c:\\Program Files (x86)\\Common Files\\Microsoft Shared\\DAO\\DAO350.DLL"

Paste the entire thing including quotes into the 32-bit Admin command prompt.

Common errors fixed by this tutorial (to help people googling) -

01:39 - "You must first run the installation wizard" is cured by editing the Registry

02:15 - "Visual Basic 6.0 Professional Setup was not completed successfully" is fixed by rerunning the installer with no options selected

03:01 - "Can't find file DAO350.dll" is fixed by manually registering it

03:23 - "Unexpected Error; quitting" is fixed by copying the DLLs from the VBA folder in "common files\\microsoft shared" to the main VB6 program folder

03:43 - SP6 fixes the "Object Library not registered" error when attempting to add certain older OCX files, for example RICHTX32.OCX (Rich Textbox Control) and MSCOMCTL.OCX (Windows Common Controls)

03:53 - Running a repair install fixes the "Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack 6 Setup was not completed successfully." error you get immediately after clicking the license agreement for SP6 install

04:26 - Adding the installdir to the 64bit registry fixes the error where you install SP6 (version 9782 / 6.0.9782) but it stays at the old version (8176 / 6.0.8169)

Add Delete Update Search using VB6 DataGrid Control-Adodc & Ms Access database-Step by Step Tutorial

Add,Delete ,Update,Search Records Using Visual Basic 6 Data Grid Control -Adodc Control and MS Access 2003-Visual Basic Database Project tutorial - Perform add delete update search operations I
How to add ,delete,Update and Search records in DataGrid control placed on VB form.
How to change the properties to format the Data Grid control.
in this Application,I am using my previous App database (Student Database.mdb).
1.firstly ,Data Grid control and Adodc are not available on toolbox.So add these controls to form for use.
Next make the database connectivity using Adodc.DataGrid Control works only with ADODC control.So you have to use these two control on the form.One Adodc is used for database connectivity and Datagrid is used for display the records in the form of rows and columns.set the datasource property of Data Grid to name of adodc for displaying the information in the form.
2.Once data is shown on the form,then set the datagrid property for adding ,deleting and updating the records.
3.Add search capability to the datagrid.You can search the records by entering Name or RollNo in the textbox.if record is not available,it shows message"No Record Found".
4.How to filter the information about the students .
Everything is explained and performed in this application.

Link for Code:
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