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What's It Like Inside University of Washington? | UW Campus Crawl Tour

Take a peek inside the MAGICAL college campus of the University of Washington in Seattle!
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CAMPUS CRAWL is the series where I take you to the best college campuses across the world! I'll show you the student life, campus culture, and interesting traditions each school has to offer. Hopefully, it'll inspire you to go explore your dreams.

The University of Washington or UW (pronounced "udub") as the students call it, is often referred to as the Public Ivy Leauge of the Westcoast. Basically, it's the Harvard of west.

I loved the college campus layout and architecture. Everything just works so well together. Suzzallo Library was my favorite. It's literally the Harry Potter room. It's HUGE - the biggest study hall I've seen thus far. I can imagine myself flying brooms in it.

During our college vlog, we first visited the Red Square. This is the center of University of Washington.
Then we went straight to The Quad. This is like the Harvard Yard, except even prettier! The Quad has red brick buildings and a huge grass field just like Harvard, but it's also covered with cherry blossom trees. So in the spring, it's absolutely stunning.
Afterward, we went to the Husky stadium - the home of the Huskies! UW loves the Huskies. Go Dawgs!
Right by the stadium is a lake. The University of Washington has a special tradition called "Sailgating." It's like tailgating, but instead hosting a pre-game party in the trunk of your car, the party is on a boat.
Then we went to check out the electrical computer engineering classrooms. Fun Fact: UW's computer lab is where Bill Gates first developed his interest for computers.
Lastly we went to the Suzzallo Library. It's magical.
Overall, student life at UW is vibrant and full of spirit. The bad thing is that Seattle rains too much.

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WORST Things About University of Washington

UW Talks Episode 2. We are seniors in college with differing backgrounds, experiences, and career paths. We came together to give our take on our college experiences so far. Today we discuss the worst parts of the University of Washington. We discuss factors such as competitive majors, weed out classes, location, dorms, price, and much more.


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